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Why Young Entrepreneurs Make the BEST Entrepreneurs!

Once upon a time, young people like you were expected to focus on school, go to college, major in something practical, and then get a steady job. From there you would work your way up the corporate ladder, get married, have kids, and retire at the age of 65. 

We don’t need to tell YOU that this isn’t the way the world works anymore. 

These days, young entrepreneurs are destroying old-fashioned ideas of “work” that no longer apply. (And really, did those ideas ever make anyone truly happy?) Words like “disrupting” and “innovating” may seem like eye-rolling cliches, but they are trendy for a reason. Gone are dreams of stuffy 9-5 jobs in cubicles. Dead are the days of setting your future in stone at graduation.  

The rest of the 21st century is all about new ideas and ways of working. That’s why young entrepreneurs make the best entrepreneurs. Not next year or in ten years: right now! 


Without a past to make you cynical, you can see more potential in the future than your older entrepreneurial peers. With youth comes optimism. Rather than focusing on what doesn’t work, you are prepared to find solutions.  

At this stage of life, you likely still have the energy to press forward despite the challenges. When you get knocked down, you bounce right back up and keep moving. What are obstacles, after all, other than detours? You know you’ll still reach your destination. You have plenty of time to get there. 

You bring a fresh set of eyes and a full plate of creative ideas to the table. This is such an important tool for young entrepreneurs like you. Instead of reinventing the wheel, you’re showing the world a whole new design that will make their lives better. 

Your mental and physical energies are at their peaks right now. Those are among your portfolio of superpowers! That kind of stamina makes you an ideal candidate for young entrepreneurship. Get started now, and who knows how far you’ll go?   


Progress moves forward, not backward. The stereotype is that the older you get, the less you understand or use new technology. And that’s mostly true, for various reasons. Nevertheless, you know technology better than older entrepreneurs. When a new social media platform comes out, you are on top of it within minutes.  

Because your generation is growing up online and with unprecedented access to a world of innovation, it’s not that hard for you to keep pace. You don’t have to start from scratch each time a new app comes out. You keep building on what you already know. That gives you an edge as you start your business. 

Not only do you get the technology, but you also intuitively understand the reason behind it. You know that tracking steps is good for your health. You know that social media can be used to instigate global change. You’ve seen how YouTube channels can teach and educate, and how TikTok stepped up during lockdown. These aren’t just mindless time-wasters for you: they’re tools. 


Becoming a young entrepreneur means freedom from the standard (and outdated) 9-5 jobs your parents and grandparents may have been stuck in. Part of building your own business means making your own hours. You get out of it what you put into it – including profits. You probably don’t have to commute to work, saving yourself time for other interests and pursuits. The bottom line: you enjoy a better work-life balance than previous generations ever imagined having. 

Entrepreneurial freedom also includes less worry about the job market. Regardless of which fields are expanding or going out of fashion, it doesn’t matter. Young entrepreneurs are always ahead of the curve. You know what’s coming because you’re part of it. You can see clearly the needs of your generation right now. And you’re ready to build a business centered around those needs.  

Young entrepreneurs are ready and able to jump to the rescue. 


One thing all successful entrepreneurs have in common is that they know how to solve problems and fill in gaps. What that translates to is job security. People always need things like food, shelter, childcare, medical care, and transportation.  

That’s where you come in. As a young entrepreneur, you can help solve problems and make people’s lives better no matter what else is going on in the world. Building a business that delivers hot meals to the elderly will always be something communities need. Therefore, you’ll always have a job.  

Job security isn’t just for you, though. As you move into young adulthood and your enterprise grows from a startup to a medium-sized business, you’ll need a bigger team. This helps members of your community get jobs, which in turn pours money into other local businesses.  


Gone are the days when it was considered ok – expected, even – for successful entrepreneurs to hoard their money. As your generation grows up, you are increasingly involved in fixing the world’s problems. From social justice to climate change, you’re all about giving back and helping as much as you can. And why not? You’re the one inheriting this world. Of course, you want it to be the best world possible. 

Social entrepreneurship isn’t a fad. It’s the future. It’s reality. And it’s probably second nature for you. 

Growing up connected online, you’re probably hyper-aware of the world’s many problems. It’s likely you have online friends in other countries who experience problems you don’t, giving you a unique perspective into how others cope. You know full well you can’t just sit back and watch the world’s problems as if they don’t affect you.  

This sense of urgency, combined with your first- or second-hand insight, makes you a global superhero. For you, becoming a young entrepreneur is about more than making money. It’s about saving the world.  

You already have the tools you need to become a successful young entrepreneur. Your youth and energy will carry you as far as you are willing to go in life.  

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